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Pressure Point Band WeddingWire Winner 2018

The Pressure Point Band is the premier variety band in the Portland, Oregon area. Its repertoire is unmatched in terms of versatility and polish. The Pressure Point Band covers music spanning six decades, satisfying musical tastes from nearly all age groups. Exceptions might be Dixieland, Rap or Heavy Metal. Well, no one is perfect. With The Pressure Point Band you get the experience of talented veteran performers who combine professionalism, enthusiasm and a high level of competence to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement that will make your function an event to remember.

Hey Mike,

You may have heard that there are three things Katy has always wanted for her wedding — and that one of those things was a live band. So I considered it my duty to find a very large number of bands in order to have sufficient confidence that I would find the perfect fit. I scoured all the gig websites, and in the end I had a spreadsheet of 8 different characteristics for a total of 87 bands from the Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver markets. (I only stopped there because I couldn't find any more!)

In a somewhat spooky coincidence, out of all of those 87 bands, the one Katy & I both (independently) picked for our top choice turned out to be based in none other than Milwaukie, Oregon — a Portland suburb named after Milwaukee, Wisconsin (at a time before standardized spelling) — which is where we had just moved to. How's that for serendipity? We both picked Mike and the Pressure Point band for their incredible energy — but given how many other bands I evaluated, going into last night I can say that I probably had unfairly high expectations for them (which I tried to keep in check). Even still, I was absolutely floored.

Mike, please convey my and Katy's utmost appreciation to everyone in the band, and let them know that their unstoppable energy made Katy the absolute happiest bride on earth. Faces were plastered with permanent smiles, and the dance floor was packed until the end. Our afterparty had an amazing energy and high turnout which was only made possible by an incredible performance on your part. We cannot express enough gratitude for making our evening more special than we thought possible. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and celebrate with. We wish we could hire you every weekend.

Morgan & Katy

10/12/19 Seattle Wedding
Washington Hall


Your professionalism is amazing! I didn’t say, but I have been in the music business quite some time and you guys, hands down are excellent!! I have never had such a diverse group of guests from age 15-92 compliment a band so much as yours. Everyone continues to rave about the band! From the guitar music at the ceremony to the trio at the cocktail gathering to the music at the wedding you guys nailed it! I am speechless (which isn’t often) and what a small world that one of your members is related to one of my guests! You absolutely made the day exceptional!

If you EVER need a reference I will always be a number 1 reference for you! And I love your daughter! She is awesome! Keep my number and my email. We will always provide an excellent recommendation for you. You are welcome to use any of this in any quotes from the Tittel/Nace Wedding on your website. I am happy to provide more if you would Ike!

Have an excellent day.

Julie Tittel
9/9/18 Mt. Hood Organic wedding

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